The average polling/big data company

ignores forty-six percent of voters?!?

If someone hasn’t voted recently, if they haven’t already indicated a likeliness to vote in line with existing views or if they aren’t readily accessible using traditional means – like a land line phone – that citizen tends to be ignored.

Our method is founded upon a belief that everyone counts; everyone matters.

Democracy Legacy leverages ongoing, compelling engagement to steer the national conversation and increase voter participation in three key areas:

  • Voter Education on core values, issues and candidates
  • Voter Turnout with election updates, canvassing, transportation and other outreach
  • Ending Voter Suppression both legislatively and by working to ensure that suppressed populations can overcome barriers in order to cast their vote.

We increase identification, outreach and trust in a multi-tiered ongoing approach of engagement. Our five steps are Values Association, Consensus Building, Brand Recognition, Disruption and Citizen Action.

Turn those nickels and dimes into votes and victories!

In just a few clicks you can donate your spare change through your phone or tablet to Democracy Legacy Action. Your small gift will make a huge impact.

Consensus Building

We illustrate how policy solutions relate to core values and then target individualized messaging about those policy solutions in a way that resonates with that particular person. This connects the issue, organization and person to core values and policy solutions.

Values Association

When people think about a particular issue, which organization or person what comes to mind? We answer that question by associating issue, organization, person to core values.

Brand Recognition

We measure initial online name recognition of a candidate or group and then amplify their connection to policies and values to increase that recognition. We then measure movement and make adjustments to maximize positive social media presence.

Citizen Engagement

Democracy Legacy reaches into communities to find out who wants to get involved and who is already doing amazing work. We are building a coalition of volunteers, donors, activists and non-profit organizations to shine a light on their work and aid in amplifying their voices.

In addition to utilizing our ability to showcase the work of on the ground activists, Democracy Legacy’s relationship with these activists extends to enlisting them for ongoing voter engagement. Getting much-needed resources in the hands of people locally provides the connection between their community organizing and the power of the vote.


We break social media isolation that provides false consensus using targeted messaging and then monitor social media for artificially produced dialogue through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. Additionally we can partner with groups to utilize high-tech solutions to counter bots and other attacks in real time.