Spread The Vote Helped Mr. Teah get a Voter ID

Spread The Vote

Spread The Vote met Mr. Teah at a shelter in Arlington, Virginia. He had lost all of his documents from the complications of homelessness.

Mr. Teah has trouble walking but doesn’t have a wheelchair, so for the election one of Spread The Vote volunteers brought a wheelchair from home, took him to get his voter ID at the Arlington County Registrar’s office, and then took him to vote!

Now Spread The Vote is working to help Mr. Teah collect documents so he can get his Virginia ID. He’s a US citizen but he was born in a foreign country, so they couldn’t just get a US birth certificate and replacing citizenship docs is expensive, $555 in fact, and difficult to get.

Spread The Vote was committed to helping Mr. Teah replace his citizenship papers so he could get the ID he needs to get out of the shelter and replace his Medicaid card so he can get medical care.

Luckily, the local Spread The Vote chapter has a volunteer with a wheelchair-accessible van that she is generously offering for transportation. Without the help of that volunteer, Spread The Vote would have had to hire private transportation. These are the type of roadblocks that people face when they need IDs.