Spread The Vote Helped Mr. Thomas get an ID

Spread The Vote

Spread The Vote covers the costs of what it takes for voters to renew vital IDs .This is Leon Thomas, a 26-year veteran of the US Air Force. Four years ago, a stroke left him paralyzed on his left side. He currently resides with three other veterans under the supervision of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with 24-hour care.

Mr. Thomas’ driver’s license expired 1 year ago. He had already renewed online for his previous driver’s license, so he was required to visit his local tax collector to receive his state ID.

He bore the burden of getting to the tax collector since public transportation for an individual in a wheelchair is only available for medical appointments. The cost for securing transportation to the tax collector 5.5 miles from his residence was $110.00 round trip.

He also needed a private nurse who knew how to address his needs while out. Spread The Vote covered the cost of both the transportation and the private nurse.

Mr. Thomas was ready to get a van from the VA. But in order to receive, register, and insure his van, he needed a state ID and his family members do not have vehicles that can accommodate his wheelchair, which meant it was unfeasible/unaffordable for him to leave the house for social visits, to attend church, and the like.Spread The Vote is proud to say that is no longer the case.

IDs change lives.