Postcards to Voters’ 54th Campaign: Marie Newman

Postcards To Voters, Voter Turnout

The 54th campaign is a first for Postcards to Voters. They are writing in support of Democratic Primary candidate Marie Newman.

Up until now, Postcards to Voters has stayed far away from writing in a contested primary between two or more Democrats. But, after weeks of careful consideration, they decided this is an exception that will prove the rule.

First off, the incumbent Democrat has not been a champion for progressive causes. From refusing to endorse President Obama in 2012 to repeatedly voting to defund Planned Parenthood, the incumbent is hardly a friend to immigrants, LGBTQ, or women in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District. It’s time for a bona-fide liberal progressive like Marie Newman to hold the seat in Congress.

Postcards to Voters are not the only ones taking this huge leap of faith in a challenger to a Democratic incumbent. Groups like Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, Our Revolution, Human Rights Campaign, MoveOn, and many others including sitting Democratic Congresspersons are all on the same page. Illinois’ 3rd needs Marie Newman. Let’s help the voters there realize it, too, and get them to vote in the primary.