LAM Gears Up for 70 Million Vote Campaign

LA Metropolitan Churches

As Executive Director of Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches, there hasn’t been a more important time for working together in moving the arc of justice forward. We’re ready to RegisterEducateVote it up with our 70millionVotes campaign. Every single person matters and that means every single vote matters. And every single election matters. From flipping the house, to district attorneys and every local and state race, the person who represents us should represent our values.

For more than a decade Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches have worked to end the school the prison pipeline and enacting criminal justice reforms that have begun the process of choosing empowerment instead of punishment and discipline. We’re seeing results in both school programs and in our ex-offenders’ action network.

That’s why we’re gearing up to make sure we don’t go back and we continue to invest in creating safe communities where empowering and nurturing our children is at the center of our efforts and our funding. We’ll keep you informed about the deceptively labeled “Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act” and all of our other work. With the aid of Democracy Legacy action we can REV it up by demanding action and back it up by Registering, Educating and Voting.