Democracy Legacy Announcing National “Ally Spotlight” Designation Program

Fighting Voter Suppression, Voter Education, Voter Outreach, Voter Turnout

Democracy Legacy announces our National Ally Spotlight Designation program to recognize organizations and groups who are working to increase voter turnout across the country. These designations are being granted through Democracy Legacy Action.

Democracy Legacy Action is a nonprofit organization that seeks to broaden and deepen consensus around the interconnected core values of freedom, justice, and equality. Our focus for 2018 is increasing voter engagement for local, state, and federal elections. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Democracy Legacy Action provides action-oriented messages to citizens using social and traditional media tools.

The Ally Spotlight program was founded to amplify the work of organizations, large and small, who are working to increase turnout, educate voters about issues and candidates, or combat voter suppression.

The program is to provide both visibility and resources to these groups so that they can extend their reach and build on the momentum of political action that is currently taking place.

Specific goals of the Program are to:

  • Raise 2.5 million dollars for Ally Organizations
  • Recruit 10,000 volunteers to help these Ally Organizations
  • Increase voter participation 10% over the record turnout of 2008

The recipient organizations will receive a national media campaign, a joint fundraising effort spearheaded by Democracy Legacy Action, as well as a direct outreach to its own network asking for support.

To learn more information about the Ally Spotlight program, click here or to nominate eligible organizations click here.