Announcing the Democracy Legacy Voter Engagement Campaign for 2018


For Ally Organizations





A national effort is underway…


Democracy Legacy Action has launched a campaign designed to direct volunteers, media attention, and resources to groups across the country working to ensure that as many citizens participate in the 2018 midterm elections as possible.

We are currently seeking organizations – large and small – to participate in this effort, receive funding and have their work amplified.

Ally Organizations must be actively working in one of three key areas:

  • Voter Education
  • Voter Turnout
  • Combating Voter Suppression

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Ally Organizations are highlighted in our national campaign as a non-profit, activist or volunteer group which actively works in one of these key areas as part of their mission:

  • Voter Education on core values issues and/or candidates
  • Voter Turnout with election updates, canvassing, transportation or other outreach
  • Combatting Voter Suppression either legislatively or by working to ensure that suppressed populations are registered and able to vote

Ally Organizations can serve a local community, a particular county/region, statewide or the nation as a whole. We welcome all sizes and designations of groups, but due to FEC compliance, we can NOT list candidates or political parties as eligible participants.

An Effort of
This Magnitude
Can Only Be Achieved By
Working Together

Across the country, millions of people are working in their communities to make an impact. It is our belief that these groups should be empowered to focus on their objectives and not have to stand alone when it comes to infrastructure, data, resources and support.

If you are among those that are making a positive difference, we want to know more about the work you are doing and how other people can get involved. We will then amplify your message – including accomplishments, areas of focus and milestones – and help you to get the resources you need.