What does it mean to become
an Ally Organization?

What is the Ally Organization program?

As a non-profit organization, Democracy Legacy’s tools will help you fully leverage data, social media, and press to amplify your message.  Ally Organizations are also, eligible to receive half of the contributions from our donors with the other half dedicated to our national mission of voter engagement.

There is never a cost to Democracy Legacy Ally Organizations.  As a matter of fact, we want to provide your team of activists the opportunity to be well compensated for the work that your hearts lead you to do every day!

How Does Democracy Legacy Help Raise Funds for Your Organization?

We work on national and targeted outreach to connect hard-working organizations with donors looking to ensure that their contributions are making a difference. This includes:

  • A descriptive listing in our national information portal so that your organization can be selected by donors
  • A customized web page dedicated to the work your organization is doing to ensure that people can easily learn more about how they can help you help others
  • Your own customized link so that anyone who visits Democracy Legacy Action from your own outreach is automatically guided toward supporting your organization
  • Press releases, campaigns and social media posts (which you can choose to use as well) to maximize how many people learn about what you are doing on a consistent basis

We’ll ensure that you are there as a collaborating partner each step of the way so that everything released is both something that you can be proud of today and something you can build on for the future.

What are the overall goals of this movement?

There is no doubt that 2018 elections – federal, state and local – carry a gravity that we have not faced in a generation. It is critical that as many voices are heard as possible at the ballot box. We are currently working with donors, activists and community leaders to:

Raise $2,500,000

for Ally Organizations to educate the public about core values and ensure that all citizens have a plan on how they will participate in their elections

Recruit 10,000

volunteers to help these groups to increase voter turnout with election updates, canvassing, transportation and other outreach

Reach 144,445,202

voters (ten percent more than the record held in the 2008 elections) by encouraging meaningful voter participation and ensuring that suppressed populations are registered and able to vote